Map of the Northern Realms

Northren Kingdoms in the year 843 of the Melojedhian calendar.
The Kingdoms of the North in the year 843 of the Melojedhian calendar (or year 1731 of the Eilosist calendar).

Red cities: Cities with a fortress controlled by the Order of the Black Rose

Aleovohan: Largest of the Four Kingdoms and arguably the oldest, since the city of Whitecliff was the first major city built in the Northern Lands, founded by the Grand Duke Egino in year 1 when he was coronated as the king of the Melojedhies. Borders the Soburgian Empire to the South. Its capital is Thornyard.
Vusea: Small autonomous princedom ruled by the Fairies of Whisperwoods under the overlordship of Aleovohan.
Taemore: Geographically isolated from the rest of the Kingdoms by the Silver Mountains. Its capital is Pearlsgate. 
Crales: Highly proud Kingdom and often hostile to its neighbors. Lost a fair bit of territory to Lecia and Aleovohan in the long war of  656-689, including the port city of Bellpass. Its capital is Redwall.
Lecia: The most northern of the Kingdoms, and the one where the belief in the Yddar, "the Old Gods" as they are known by the southerners, is still the strongest.  Its capital is Mosshollow.