Fan art

Here's a collection of fan art that my readers have made!

Nevio by Jaycee Storm

Huldric by Joe Jarin

Looks so badass, right?

SteamThief's amazing scenes
I really need to step up my game in terms of art because these are just incredible. Really capture the moments. 

The race to save Nevio

I love this. The atmosphere, the colors...  Also, Erikr is canonically brown-eyed now.

Sometimes there is no choice

The transition in the middle is great... such powerful imagery for a scene that ultimately wasn't that important (originally the plague was going to play a larger role in the story but after covid happened I just cut the plotline.)

The Eleventh Hour

Amazing. Really showcases the intensity of the battle between the Kiiras and the three knights.

If you wish to submit your fan art here send me a personal message on the main website.